Meet Local Designer Beverly Card of Rarity Kids

1.) My name is Beverly Card and I am the founder of Rarity Fashion, located in North Saanich, British Columbia ...
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Get to Know More About UK conscious thinking Brand I haven’t the Foggiest

Introduce Yourself Yen Chan What’s something you are most passion about other than fashion? Architecture Name one person who has ...
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Get to Know More About Mexican Kids Contemporary Designer Célestin & Jacobin

Introduce Yourself . Claudia García Martín. Designer, Architect. Founder and Creative Director at Célestin & Jacobin. Born in Pachuca, Hidalgo, ...
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_MG_0272_EDITADA - Cópia - Cópia

Get to know more about Ireland-Based Luxury Kids Brand, Little Emerald

1. Introduce Yourself I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity to introduce myself, first of all. My ...
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Get to Know Carmen West, Designer of Little And Lively

1. My name is Carmen West and I'm the owner/designer of Little & Lively 2. My favourite part of working ...
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